A Call to Prayer & Fasting

A four-day, worldwide prayer meeting

Prayer Request

Prayer Request:  

November 25-28, 2012
7:00pm (Eastern & Pacific Times)

A Call To Prayer & Fasting is simply believers coming together to pray, November 25-28, 2012, beginning at 7pm Eastern and Pacific times.

Each night, connected via high-bandwidth internet video, churches and prayer gatherings across the country and around the world join together via the web, and begin to pray. Though not all the churches are visible on the webcast, all the churches are praying and worshipping in unison.

Individuals can login from their home computers to watch, and submit prayer requests during each webcast. A special internet prayer group prays live, in real-time, with individuals logged on from home.

Pastors help to guide the times of prayer, offering suggestions for prayer topics, and brief words of encouragement.

Last year, thousands of believers from over 35 states and 2 dozen countries joined together in prayer, and many more are expected to participate this year.